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World Name: Alarion
Star Type: G0V
Position in System: 5
Time to Jump Point: 8 days
Recharging Station: Zenith
Noble Ruler: Timothy Serfass II, Duke of Alarion
Political Leader: President Yvonne Parker
ComStar Facility: A
ComStar Representative: Precentor Berle Spadoni
Percentageand Level of Native Life: 15%, Fish

Alarion was settled some 30 years after formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. What atracted the first settlers to the navtive plant and aquatic life ideally suited to cultivation and exploration. Conditions were so favorable that the original settlers did not even bother to bring along extra food supplies; they thought that the native wildlife would feed them. Unfortunately, what the settlers did bring were diseases that decimated many of the native lifeforms before cures and treatments could be found. Then, like a counterattack, a disease native to the planet attacked the settlers who had become weak from malnutrition. When the crisis finally ended, most of the native lifeforms were extinct and over half the settlers were dead. This disaster led the Commonwealth goverment to issue strict quarantine and settlement procedures that are still in effect. Today, Alarion is a center of heavy industry. It also possesses the only orbition shipyards in the Commonwealth, the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards, which are capable of refitting and repairing JumpShimps. As most of the world's naural resources are beineg exploited there are very few unsettled areas among its two continents and many islands. The capital city is Craiova.