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World Name: Alexandria
Star Type: M4V
Postion in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 7 days
Recharging Station: Zenith
Noble Ruler: Edward James, Duke of Alexandria
Political Ruler: Prime Minister Harrison Gunlager
Comstar Facility Class: B
Comstar Representative: Precentor Melvin Gaska
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 20%, Reptile

Alexandria is one of the most war-ravaged planets in the Federation. When not the target of all out invasion, Alexandria suffers almost constant raiding by House Kurita. The result is that this once idyllic world of pastoral beauties and rich resources has become a virtual see of mud churned up by the weight of marching 'Mechs.

There was a time during the good years when Alexadnria was a cultural center whoes art collections were famous throughout the Inner Sphere. hints of that graceful era stil lexist in the far flung cities of Lam Pole or Cherbourg, which have no military importance and so were relatively untouched by war.

There have been efforts recently to rebuild Alexandria's shattered cities and torn lands. So accustomed to war, the planet's people stoically ownder to what good use can they put the remains of the new buildings after the next battle turns them into rubble.