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World Name: Chahar
Star Type: G0IV
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 8 Days
Recharging Station: Zenith
Noble Ruler: Brij Lal Kochhar, Duke of Chahar
Political Leader: Leader Kathie Kobelan
ComStar Facility Class: A
ComStar Representative: Precentor Alexander Fisken
Percentage and Level of Native Life: None

Chahar, when first discovered in 24th century, was a lifeless world, desppite the plant's large ocean and agreeable climate. When he initial survey discovered major deposits of chemicals and metals, colonization of this barren world became more viable. By the beginning of the next century, there existed a significant population, most of whom were employed by Trans-India Mining Industries. Chahar's inability to feed itseelf placed a major burden on neighboring planets until the Steiner government financed a major effort to introduce plant and animal life to the planet. The project was a complete success, with an amazing percentage of introduced species thriving in thier new environment. Today, Chahar can feed its own population and even exports some grain to other worlds. The planet has a vigorous economy that is actively courting major Commonwealth industries to open factories here. Its industries won a major economic battle wit the neighboring world of Blue Hole, when Trellshire Heavy Industries built a weapons plant near Chahar's capital, Benares. The planet is also home to Dobless information Services.