Chukchi III
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World Name: Chukchi III
Star Type: G5V
Position in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 7 days
Recharging Station: None
Noble Ruler: Sigmund Rietz, Duke of Chukchi
Political Leader: President Eddy Chuller
ComStar Facility Class: 3
ComStar Representative: Precentor Paul Sibert
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 40%, Reptile

Chukchi III has become an economic and emotional hot spot in recent years. The discovery of massive deposits of titanium have made this quiet and beautiful planet the center of several major mining projects. Unfortunately, this sudden economic boom has brought with it unsavory elements such as organized crime. Recent reports from Precentor Sibert state that Nemuiat Entertainments, a front for the Malthus family, has appeared on Chukchi. It is uncertain whether this small planet's picturesque green valleys and snow-capped mountains can withstand the onslaught of progress. The efforts of the Duke of Chukchi to halt the tide of mining equipment, boom towns, and the millions of foreign employees, have run up against Chukchi's President, who strongly supports the development. Recent terrorist bombings and assassinations have been aimed at the major mining companies, apparently in the name of the planet's decimated wildlife, and are an ominous omen for Chukchi's future..