Name: Melissa Arthur Steiner
Title: Landgrave von Bremen
Position: Archon-Designate
Birthplace: Royal Palace, Tharkad City
Age: 15
Sex: Female

Distinguisheding Physical Characteristics:
The golden-haired Melissa is a tall and beautiful young woman. She is also the media darling of the Lyran Commonwealth, with many a young girl imitating her look and manner and many a young man ready to fall helplessly in love with her.

Brief Personal History:
Melissa was born in raised in the Royal Palace in Tharkad City. As a child, she first endeared herself to the Lyran people by running through the forest of people's legs in the Throne Room, in order to jump into her mother's lap. She also developed the habit of prattling enough to interrupt the serious business of the realm to ask questions no one seemed able to answer to her satisfaction.

Since then, Melissa Steiner's thirst for knowledge has only grown more vast. With the girl becoming a voracious reader in three languages (Standard, German, and French), her mother has had to double the number of tutors to keep up with herracing intellect. Though only 15, Melissa has already reached university level in her studies.

Unlike her mother, however, young Melissa shows an aversion to the military and war. In simulator training, the girl showed little natural aptitude for piloting a 'Mech or Areospace fighter. Curiously enough, she has considerable skill in small weapons tactics. As her mother is unlikely to send her only heir to lead a platoon of jump infantry, it is unlikely that Melissa will ever experience war first hand.