New Syrtis
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World Name: New Syrtis
Star Type:
Position in System:
Time to Jump Point:
4 days
Recharging Station:
Noble Ruler:
Michael Hasek-Davion, Duke of New Syrtis
Political Leader:
Same as above
ComStar Facility Class:
ComStar Representative:
Precentor Roberta Hilo
Percentage and Level of Native Life:
10%, Plant

New Syrtis is a large world in the grip of an ice age. Huge sheets of ice have covered most of the planet, leaving only a narrow band of temperate and tropical weather around the equator. New Syrtis was first discovered during the era of the Terran Alliance, but was not colonized until the late 2260s. Those that did finally settle here were hoping to get rich by discovering de-posits of precious metals and minerals said to be hidden be-neath all the ice and snow. The gamble paid off when the first settlers found large deposits of metals scattered all over the planet.

New Syrtis became a boom world overnight. Thousands made their way here in hopes of striking it rich. After months of solitary struggle, the miners would trudge their way from the ice and snow with tons of ore and the urge to raise a little hell. Cities like Pink Passion, Lady’s Favor, and Hangover Hell began to sprout in the temperate zone. They had only one function-to strip the miners of their wealth in the quickest possible fashion. The deposits of easily mined metals soon played out and the boom was over. Well-organized mining corporations then moved in to mine the deeper deposits, which spelled the end of the independent miner and the raucous sin-cities.

It was at about this time that New Syrtis was entitled to the Hasek family. Always an intelligent, though not particularly scru-pulous, family, the Haseks slowly won a stranglehold over the planet’s resources. They were able to rein the avarice of the metal companies, who would have stripped away huge chunks of the surface—nearly destroying the planet’s fragile ecosystem—in their search for profits. Whether the Haseks did this out of con-cern for their world or the desire to own all of its wealth is not certain. What is certain is that their policies have resulted in ra-tioning of the vast metal and mineral wealth of the planet over the centuries, with New Syrtis as important to the Federated Suns today as it was in an earlier era.

Because of its importance, New Syrtis is the frequent target of attacks by the nearby Capellan Confederation. When under attack, the planet has as its fearsome ally the almost constant blizzards and bone-freezing cold spells. It has been estimated that one out of every five invading Capellan ‘Mechs and tanks is lost because it runs afoul of the weather.

The defensive advantage of the arctic climate is one of the reasons why the Hasek family decided to build their capital city, Saso, on the northern continent instead of the more temperate equator region. The city is in some ways reminiscent of Avalon City, with the Hasek palace set upon a small complex of hills overlooking the city and with the University of Saso nearby. The current Duke of New Syrtis, Michael Hasek-Davion, would like to see Saso University out-distance rival the New Avalon Institute of Science. Near the university and hidden underground beneath the perpetual snow is the Regional Military Headquarters, where Duke Michael coordinates the military activity of the entire Capellan March.