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World Name: Skye
Star Type: G8V, M0V
Position in System: 4
Time to Jump Point: 8 days
Recharging Station: Zenith, Nadir
Noble Ruler: Margaret Harison, Duchess of Skye
Political Leader: President Anson McConnaughey
ComStar Facility: A
ComStar Representative: Precentor Dane Alknaur
Percentageand Level of Native Life: 30%, Mammal

Skye is the emotional heart of the Federation. With its contrasting landscapes and cool climate, the early English, Irish, and Scotch settlers quickly came to feel at home. The many succeeding generations on Skye have developed a deep emotional attachment to this world of green mountains beneath twin suns. Despite all the publicity given to the planet's unspoiled landscape, Skye is a very industrialized planet. There are enough smelters, refineries, and manufacturers to make any greedy businessman's heart happy. To counter the effects of these potential environmental disasters, the early founders of the planet kept over 50 percent of the planet wil and untamed. While this saved the land, it stiffled economic prosperity and kept wealth in the hands of certain nobles and businessman. Who was rich and who was poor has remained fairly static for the hundreds of years since. This has made the social hierarchy rigid and stagnant, with few people able to move up the social ladder and many more actually descending. The economic boom created by the Commonwealth's alliance with the Federated Suns has created considerable social unrest on Skye. Though many welcome the opportunity for stimulating new influences, and hope for eventual social, economic, and land reforms, others still consider the Federated Suns an enemy. These hold rigidly to the old ways of doing things, including defending the wilderness to the death. Despite this clash, every long-time citizen of Skye has the same deep attachment to the planet and most born there never contemplate leaving it.