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World Name: Summer
Star Type: M4V
Postion in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 3 days
Recharging Station: Nadir
Noble Ruler: Aldo Lestrade, Duke of Summer
Political Ruler: Clan Leader Jeffrey Hayne
Comstar Facility Class: A
Comstar Representative: Precentor Dewayne Vetters
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 20%, Plant

Summer is the political center of its province. The seperatists movement promoting the independence of Skye from the rest of the commonwealth congregates around Duke Lestrade's palace looming over Curitba, Summer's largest city.

The darker twin of Skye, Summer's weak sun changes hills that would be considered beautiful and stirring on Skye to dark and ominous shapes covered with the purple scrub-grass native to the planet. Dark hills loom over valleys steeped in shadows. in the summer months, the wind is usually tinted with the peculiar odors of its native blooming plants.

The major industries on Summer are refineries for the planet's large deposits of oil and radioactives as well as factories for mnaufacturing components for JumpShips.