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The Golden Horde
Duty, Loyalty, Brotherhood
May The Spirit Of Chingis Khan Go With You!

  The -=Golden Horde=- 

The Golden Horde is an elite unit of professional MechWarriors who have been playing the game of MPBT: Solaris as long, if not longer, than most people who currently play.  Original formed from disaffected House Steiner officers, the Golden Horde decided to keep their unit small to preserve the elite quality of it.  Since 1997, the Golden Horde has proven itself on the field of battle time and time again.

The Golden Horde has almost exclusively worked for House Steiner.  They once pulled a stint with House Kurita but that lasted a short while.  They welcome any contract submissions and they will review any serious ones and get back to the submitter as soon as possible with a reply.

The Golden Horde is an elite unit with years of experience, however, so do not be surprised if they turn down many offers.