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  House Kurita
Current Relations

The old hatred of House Kurita still remains simmering below the surface despite the polite manner in which Golden Horde members treat members of House Kurita.  The hatred is no longer directed at any particular unit or member but towards the House as a whole.  The recent hiring of the Kell Hounds (now called Wolf's Dragoons) Mercenary Unit by House Kurita has raised tensions between the House and the Golden Horde somewhat.  The Kell Hounds (Wolf's Dragoons) have angered many Horde members in the recent months and many of the warriors Solaris have also been angered by the antics of certain Kell Hounds (Wolf's Dragoons) members.

The Golden Horde still continues to show no quarter to House Kurita when it comes to Solaris Succession Wars (SSWs) and have spearheaded deep drives into House Kurita more than once.