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  House Kurita

The Draconis Combine was founded in 2319 by Shiro Kurita, who used persuasive
statesmanship, treachery, and bloody military conquest to forge it almost from nothing.
Raised in a military and social tradition dating back more than six centuries, Shiro
embraced and embodied the "way of the warrior." Through the forcefulness of his
personality, he first managed to become leader of New Samarkand and then went on to
form a group of petty kings and lords into the New Galendon Alliance. This Alliance,
created to oppose the great Ozawa Mercantile alliance, was his starting point for the
military conquest of dozens more planets. By 2319, Shiro Kurita, with his brother Urizen
as Warlord, controlled a domain stretching from the border of the Federated Suns to the
Principality of Rasalhague, a realm he renamed the Draconis Combine.
The most obvious legacy of Shiro Kurita is the Kurita family dynasty. The Draconis
Combine could not have summoned such single-minded devotion from its people
without the focus of the Kurita leadership. Only the existence of an all-powerful
Coordinator has been able to mobilize such often-fanatic military determination from its
More than in any Successor State, the history of the Draconis Combine has a
continuous tone and theme to it. The names may change, the tactics and internal
organization may change, but the Kurita dynasty continues to covet universal
domination just as its founder did some 700 years ago.
Shiro Kurita's legacy continues to this day, in both the devotion to the way of the
warrior and in the belief that House Kurita will one day reign over all inhabited space.
The Draconis Combine's combination of an all-pervasive military tradition and a
self-reliance easily mistaken for xenophobia contributes to the constant belligerence of
past and present Kurita leaders. Only on rare occasions have they set aside their
dominant tendencies toward violence, arrogance, and ruthlessness in favor of alliance
or cooperation. However, the next generation usually made up for it by redoubling its
martial nature. The two most outstanding examples of this were Hehiro and Minoru
Hehiro engaged in a rare display of trust when he signed the Treaty of Vega in 2569,
setting forth the terms of the Draconis Combine's membership in the nascent Star
League. His son Leonard, who succeeded him in 2591, very nearly undid this act
through flagrant violations of his father's treaty with Ian Cameron. After Kerensky's
exodus from the Inner Sphere, Minoru Kurita proclaimed himself First Lord of the Star
League and began to plan an execute a massive attack against the Federated Suns.
The campaign was going well for the Kuritans until a sniper shot Minoru Kurita in the
back on Kentares IV. Following Minoru's assassination, his psychotic son Jinjiro
massacred 50 million civilians on that world. The Kentares Massacre was an act that
not only destroyed the momentum gained in the war against Davion, but also
contributed to the alienation between Houses Steiner and Kurita, which Jinjiro allowed
to flourish.
Until Rasalhague became independent in 3034, the Draconis Cambine had
expanded to the border of the Lyran Commonwealth, absorbing lesser states along the
way. For 20 years the Free Rasalhague Republic served as a buffer between those two
Great Houses, with only a small portion of Kurita space bordering the Lyran portion of
the Federated Commonwealth. Now the Clan wedge serves to keep most of these two
realms separate.
At present, the Combine consists of approximately 75 worlds. In 2617, the coreword
world of Luthien replaced New Samarkand as the administrative capital, but Shiro
Kurita's homeworld continues to play an active role. For example, House Kurita draws
its palace guards and elite MechWarriors from the famous Sun Zhang Academy, the
largest MechWarrior academy in the Inner Sphere. Furthermore, New Samarkand is the
traditional base of operations for the Internal Security Force, the secret police of the
Draconis Combine. The relationship between the Coordinator of the Combine and the
Director of the ISF has varied, waxing and waning in cordiality through the years.
Nevertheless, the ISF has remained utterly loyal to the Combine, if not to the House that
rules it.