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  House Kurita
Past Relations

The Golden Horde and House Kurita have a checkered past.   House Kurita is one of the two Houses for whom the Golden Horde have worked.   During the falling out the members of the Golden Horde had with members of the Steiner High Command during the 1997th Year of Our Lord the Golden Horde performed a short stint working with the Dracons Combine Mustered Soldiery, the military arm of House Kurita.  This action was brief, however, and soon the Golden Horde and members of the Steiner High Command worked out their differences and the Golden Horde began work once again for House Steiner.

After these initial good relations between House Kurita and the Golden Horde, something began to sour.  On two different occaisions the Golden Horde was accused of cheating during two of the simmulations (Simms) going on at this time on MPBT: Solaris.  After the second accusation, the Golden Horde promptly declared a vendetta against the Dragon (House Kurita) and set to work in engaging as many lances from the DCMS (Draconis Combined Mustered Soldiery) as possible.  After humiliating a number of lances in combat the leader of House Kurita at the time, Coordinator Roller, called for no House Kurita member to engage the Golden Horde in combat for a period of 30 days.  This did not stop the Golden Horde, however.  The Golden Horde went undercover to continue their vendetta.

After the period of 30 days and after many victories against House Kurita lances tempers had lessened on both sides of the vendetta.  The Golden Horde has still to forgive House Kurita for its misdeeds, however, and relations remain cool between the unit and the DCMS.  To this day the Golden Horde sports an impressive record against the lances of House Kurita.  Only two known losses are reported against House Kurita regular army (non-mercenary) forces.  One of these was to the Tooth of Ymir and the other was a loss to a lance from the Galedon Military District.  The second loss was the result of two boots and was avenged by a quick victory immediately afterwards by the Golden Horde lance over the same House Kurita lance that had defeated them.