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  House Liao

Historically the smallest of the Successor States, the Capellan Confederation has
nevertheless been a thorn in the side of Houses Davion and Marik for the past 600

The official birth of the Capellan Confederation occurred in July 2367 when Franco Liao
managed to draw the 5 squabbling Capellan states together by offering himself as a
compromise candidate for Prime Minister of the Capellan Commonality. Franco then
managed to consolidate power for himself and his heirs by playing on the fears of each
member state. The Family Liao has managed to maintain a hold on power in the
Capellan Confederation in this way for almost 700 years, with but two exceptions.

During the Succession Wars theCapellan Confederation took a massive pounding from

Davion and Marik forces.