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  House Liao
Past Relations

The Golden Horde amiable relations, to say the most, with House Liao.  The Golden Horde will most likely never work for House Liao because of a recruiting slight that occured a while ago during the time when the Golden Horde had a falling out with the Steiner High Command.  The Golden Horde approached then Chancellor BlackWidow of House Liao and offered him a chance to allow the Golden Horde to fight for his House for no fee as long as they were allowed to fight House Steiner in the upcomming simmilations (Simms).  Chancellor BlackWidow declined the offer in a manner that annoyed many of the members of the Golden Horde.

This is the only poor experience the Golden Horde has had with House Liao, however.  The only other dealings the Golden Horde has really had with House Liao has been in spearheading assaults on House Liao territory during Solaris Succession Wars (SSWs).  In one of these offensives campaigns the Golden Horde made it the farthest of any unit working for the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (the military wing of House Steiner) had at that time.