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House Marik

The Free Worlds League was formed in 2271 by the Treaty of Marik, which united the
Marik Commonwealth, the Grand Duchy of Oriente, and the Principality of Regulus. This
was a loose organization of states, and they began to expand into the surrounding
systems. In 2293, Juliano Marik annexed the Stewart Commonality, and was designated
Captain-General. Since then, House Marik has held the post of Captain-General until
the present day. Beginning in 2398, the Capellan Confederation declared war on the
League in an attempt to annex Andurien and it's surrounding systems. This began the
150-year period known as the Age of War. During the Age of War, the Terran
Hegemony developed the first battlemechs. In 2556, Ian Cameron, leader of the Terran
Hegemony, negotiated the Andurien Peace Treaty, ending the Age of War, and setting
the foundations for the creation of the Star League. The Star League lasted for roughly
200 years, of which 150 were a time of unprecedented growth and discovery for all of
mankind. After the Civil War against Stefan Amaris, the Usurper, Aleksandr Kerensky
left the Inner Sphere with approximately 80 percent of the Star League Armed Forces.
Minoru Kurita and John Davion both siezed the opportunity and declared themselves
First Lord of the Star League shortly after, and Kenyon Marik followed suit in 2786, and
the First Succession War began. The First, Second, and Third Succession Wars saw
little change in the Inner Sphere, except for the tremendous loss of life and technology.
Soon, the Ares Conventions were established, governing the conduct of warfare, and
war became a way of life in the Inner Sphere. Each successive Captain-General since
Kenyon Marik has invoked Resolution 288 upon taking office, which allows the
Captain-General certain powers in time of war or crisis.