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  House Marik
Past Relations

The Golden Horde has not had many dealings with House Marik in the past.  The only concern House Marik has held for the Golden Horde has been that of a significant Military Target.  The Golden Horde's only award given by House Steiner during its years of service to the Commonwealth has been a lone Eagle Feather for their actions against the Free Worlds League Military (the military arm of House Marik).   Although there have been no incidents leading to a hatred of House Marik many of the Golden Horde members have come from the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (the military arm of House Steiner) and have an ingrained and indoctrinated (as well as irrational some would say) hatred of House Marik.  It is even written in the Golden Horde's charter that they will never work for House Marik.