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  House Steiner

"I'm not saying that the Steiners are perpetually on the thin line between sanity and
loony tune, because that's a myth. The Steiner family has such a reputation that being
icy-cool that when they do show a strong emotion like anger, love, or humor, people
around them are so startled that they wonder if that Steiner has lost his wits. Of course,
holding one's emotions in is another kind of madness."

-- Interview with Thelos Auburn on The News Hour, Donegal Broadcasting Co.,
September 19, 3024

The Lyran Commonwealth was formed in 2340 as an amalgamation of three smaller
mutual-defense leagues: the Tamar Pact, the Federation of Skye, and the Protectorate
of Donegal. The original Lyran capital was Arcturus. Shortly after the outbreak of
hostilities between the Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine in 2407, however, the
Lyran government moved to its current location on Tharkad. Soon after, leadership of
the Commonwealth passed from Alistair Marsden to his only heir, Katherine Marsden
Steiner, and remains in Steiner hands to this day.

The Lyran Commonwealth currently consists of about 400 worlds. During the course of
the first three Succession Wars, it had been slowly but steadily losing ground to the
Draconis Combine, which had taken almost a fourth of the original Lyran territories
(including more than half the old Tamar Pact worlds along the Draconis Combine

One reason that House Steiner has remained a formidable force in Successor State
politics even in the worst of times is that its domain includes some of the most richly
endowed planets in the Inner Sphere. These include Alarion, Coventry, Donegal,
Summer, Tamar, New Karlsruh, and Hesperus II. The latter is the site of the Star
League's greatest surviving supply depots and the largest still-functioning 'Mech
manufacturing and repair facility in the Successor States.

Regardless of its military fortunes, the Lyran Commonwealth has consistently
maintained its reputation for making money. Until many of its industrialized worlds fell to
the Clan invaders, the Commonwealth's overall industrial output, particularly of
non-military goods, outstripped of the other Successor States.  This economic
growth has made the Steiner House currency the most stable in the Inner Sphere. Some
of this success is due to human ingenuity, and some to the rich natural resources of the
average Lyran member-world and to the relatively small amount of war damage
sustained by the industrial plants of a few, key remote worlds. Over the years, the
Archons of House Steiner have consistently sponsored innovative economic and trade
policies, such as major tax advantages for industrial reconstruction projects, awarding
land grants to successful entrepreneurs and victorious MechWarriors, and encouraging
the activities of free traders. Many of these policies are still presently in force.