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Duty, Loyalty, Brotherhood
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  House Steiner
Past Relations

The Golden Horde has had extensive dealings with House Steiner over the years.  Many of the members of the Golden Horde have come from the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (the military arm of House Steiner) and the natural tendency of these warriors is to work with the House they grew up with.  The Golden Horde also has many friendships with units and/or people within House Steiner.  The Golden Horde has only worked for House Steiner and House Kurita in the past.

The relationship between House Steiner and the Golden Horde has not always been perfect.  The Golden Horde had a falling out of sorts with the Steiner High Command during the 1997th Year of our Lord.  This marks the only time that the Golden Horde has not worked for House Steiner.  Since that day the Golden Horde has had strained relations with the Steiner High Command and has often felt slighted.

During years of devoted service under poor conditions and with a tremendous record the Golden Horde has recieved only one award for its deeds.  During a Solaris Succession War (SSWs) the Golden Horde spearheaded a drive into House Marik territory.  The unit was given the Eagle's Feather for their efforts.