Hordenet Website Hosting Plans

Features Basic Advanced Elite
Sub-domain Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Database No Yes Yes
Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Design Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance No Yes Yes
POP E-Mail Address None 1 2
E-Mail Redirects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing List 1 2 Unlimited
Message Board Yes Yes Yes
CGI (with Perl) Yes Yes Yes
PHP Support Yes Yes Yes
Website Space 5 Megabytes 10 Megabytes 20 Megabytes
Dynamic Roster Yes Yes Yes
Frontpage Support Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Costs $5 $10 $20
Startup Fee None None None

To contact the Webmaster about a Hosting Plan, please e-mail him at Webmaster@hordenet.com

SubDomain - A Subdomain will give your Unit or Guild a Unique URL.  It would look as follows: (http://[yourunithere].hordenet.org).

MySQL Database - A MySQL database will allow you to use PHP and PERL programs that take advantage of dynamic content, such as message boards, news management systems, calendars, and content management systems.

Consultation - Consultation is the process of helping a client decide what sort of website design, layout, color coordination, etc. that they wish to use.  It also means in matters of HTML, CGI, and Graphic Arts the experts at Hordenet will help the customer and answer all of their questions to the best of their knowledge, redirecting them to other resources if necessary.

Design - Design is the actual nitty-gritty of writing the HTML, installing the CGI scripts, creating the pages, laying out and uploading the pages, and anything else you can think of when it comes to Website creation.  This is the actual creation process as opposed to the "brainstorming" process that Consultation helps with.  The experts at Hordenet will help, direct, and even do the work if necessary for a client here.  However, each plan does not offer the same level of Design help.  A basic plan covers about five or so pages, a small website, while the Elite plan would cover a larger 50-100 page website.  The Advanced plan covers somewhere in between this.  A Hordenet associate will discuss what they will help with during the Consulation process with a customer, however.

Maintenence - Maintenance is the actual upkeep of the website.  Maintenance is a pain in the rear end, usually.  For the Advanced and Elite plan Hordenet will perform basic maintenance on the website.  This includes fixing broken links, uploading and linking the occasional new pages, editing spelling errors, uploading pictures or programs, and other such activities.  This does not mean we will do a full overhaul of the site.  The level of maintenance is also dependent on the size of the site.  If you have the Advanced plan and a 200 page site Hordenet will not maintain the whole site, only a portion of it.  Whereas, with the Elite plan, you would have more pages maintained by us.  During Consultation and Design a Hordenet Representative will go over how much maintenance Hordenet will provide for them.

POP E-Mail Addresses - A POP E-Mail address will have the "@[yourunithere].hordenet.org" ending and work as a full-fledged E-Mail address which you can use with Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, and any other common mail application.  If you wish to purchase an additional POP E-Mail other than the ones that come with the Advanced or Elite plan, they cost $5 a month.

E-Mail Redirects - E-Mail redirects allow a person to redirect an e-mail message sent to an "@[yourunithere].hordenet.org" e-mail address to their own address.  You can purchase additional redirects in groups of 5 for $2 a month.

Mailing List - A Mailing List is a great way to keep a unit in contact with each other.  Whether it is moderated or not, a mailing list will send messages to all the people on it by simply addressing the e-mail message to the mailing list's address.  We offer both moderated and un-moderated mailing lists.

Message Board - With your site you receive a flexible, easily managed, professional looking message board system.  This can greatly increase the level of communication between your unit if used properly.  We will install PHPBB, a top-notch Web-Based Bulletin Board system and set it up for you. 

CGI - Also known as Common Gateway Interface, Hordenet uses PERL to perform CGI functions.  You can also create your own non-PERL programs and use them in your CGI directory, however.

PHP - PHP is one of the fastest growing programming languages on the Internet.  It was written with the internet in mind and easy to learn, fast and flexible.  There are hundreds of pre-written programs already available for installation and, combined with a MySQL database, PHP can become a powerful programming companion.

Website Space - Each plan offers a certain amount of website space.  For additional 5 megabyte blocks, the cost is $5.

Dynamic Roster - The Dynamic Roster is a script written by the people at Hordenet.  It allows you to dynamically add, delete, and update roster info and have it displayed easily and quickly on your website.  During Consultation and Design, a Hordenet representative will discuss the functions of the Dynamic Roster with the customer.

Frontpage Support - Frontpage support will be offered for those who might have the program.  Otherwise, an FTP program will be sufficient.