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The Golden Horde
The Horsemen of the Ancient Khans
The Horde Is, the Horde Was, the Horde Will Always Be

Golden Horde House Rules

The Golden Horde is not your average military unit.  This section will provide House Rules for running campaigns that involve unique Golden Horde units such as the Golden Horde's Horsemen units.

  1. Horsemen Infantry Rules

Golden Horde Horsemen Rules - Boardgame

1 MP Walking
2 MP Trotting
4 MP Galloping
(Figured out using MW: 1st Edition)
1 MP Dismounting

Weaponry Available
While Riding - Rifles, MGs, and Laser Rifles
While Dismounted - SRMs (Inferno and Regular), Flamers, Portable
Anti-Mech weaponry (although this costs one mounted rider and one MP

While Dismounted, 4 Warriors must handle the Horses. Dismounted
Horsemen act the same as regular infantry.

Mounted characters may not enter Heavy Woods or building hexes of any
type, and may not safely enter rubble, Depth 2 Water, or Marsh/Swamp
hexes at paces faster than a walk.

Broken/Rough Terrain
1/2 MP

1/2 MP

1/2 MP

MechWarrior RPG rules:
Golden Horde Horsmen are unparalleled in their abilities to ride their
mounts under any circumstances. No modifiers are applied to them while
ridieng - ever. A Golden Horde mount is treated like a War Horse.