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The Golden Horde
Duty, Loyalty, Brotherhood
May The Spirit Of Chingis Khan Go With You!

   The Golden Horde is a brotherhood of warriors that play the Online Multiplayer Game called MultiPlayer Battletech by Kesmai Games Inc. The Golden Horde is one of the premiere groups of Warriors within this game. The Golden Horde prides itself on the professionalism of its Warriors as well as their love for the game itself.
   The Golden Horde is not your typical Multiplayer Battletech unit.  Based upon the principles of brotherhood and modeled after the powerful Mongolian armies of yore, the Golden Horde breaks out of the "normal" mold.  The dedication of its pilots to each other stands above anything else while its skills are some of the best in the game of Multiplayer Battletech.
   Created by disaffected officers from the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces in the Ninteteenth Hundred Year of Our Lord, the Golden Horde was founded upon the principles of brotherhood rather than military.  Run by a council of Warriors, not any one particular Commanding Officer, the Golden Horde remains the model for those units who try to cut out rank and individualism.