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The Golden Horde
Duty, Loyalty, Brotherhood
May The Spirit Of Chingis Khan Go With You!

  The Naiman Obuk

Chagan Obuk - The White Clan

The White Horde was formed by the Chagan Obuk, or White Clan.  The White Clan was the first clan to organize itself and unite all of its yasun, or sub-clans, into one.   Because of this, the White Clan has always been considered one of the strongest clans.  The White Clan has the highest level of technology of the eight clans as well as the fiercest sense of individuality.  The White Clan has always been a thorn in the side of the other clans because of its frequent independent actions.   The White Horde is descended from Orda, the first Khan of the White Horde sometime in the 1200s AD.  The White Clan envies the Golden Horde’s position as ambassador of the Naiman Obuk to the InnerSphere and has motioned hard to allow their own units to be sent into the InnerSphere as well.  The Golden Horde has allowed a small force of White Horde warriors to accompany them to the InnerSphere in an attempt to quiet some of the White Clan’s protests.  These units are stationed with the Golden Horde’s Solaris stable on Solaris VII.  Other than this, only a few merchants and scientists have been allowed into the InnerSphere.

Sira Obuk - The Yellow Clan

The Golden Horde was formed by the Sira Obuk , or Yellow Clan.   This is where the names of the Horde's begin to get tricky.  The Sira Obuk are descendants of Jochi's son Batu.  Jochi was the father of the Golden Horde on the steppes of Russia, but his son Batu was the first real Khan of the Horde.  The White Horde is descended from another son of Jochi who ruled Western Siberia and North Central Asia.   When the Yellow Clan formed its first Horde, it took the name of their ancient descendant's kingdom.  The Yellow Clan was the clan that unified the Naima Obuk, or eight Clans, and brought peace (of a relative sort) to the Triad.  To this day, the Yellow Clan is considered one of the most powerful Clans.  The Yellow Clan and the White Clan have traded the position as leading clans of the Naima Obuk quite often and a deep rivalry goes between them.

Altan Obuk - Golden Clan

The Everlasting Horde was formed by the Altan Obuk, or Golden Clan.    Although it would appear logical that the Golden Clan would be the one to form the Golden Horde, that is not the case.  The Golden Clan are direct descendants of Chingis Khan.  Because of this, the Golden Clan has always been respected and revered by the other Clans.  The Golden Clan chose the name of their first Horde after the chief deity of the Horde society, the Everlasting Blue Sky.  In Mongolian, the Everlasting Blue Sky is written as Mongke Tengri.  Mongke was also the name of one of the last "Khan of Khans" of the Mongolian Empire and a grandson of Chingis Khan.  The Golden Clan has had its glory days and has been considered the lead clan a few times in the Naiman Obuk’s history.  They have never quite recovered from the Unification War, however, and can only barely field a Horde.

Yam Obuk - Messenger Clan

The only other clan of great importance to note is that of the Yam Obuk, or Messenger Clan.  The Messenger Clan is a mysterious clan who, as far as any Hordesman can remember, have always been united.  The Messenger Clan controls the operation of the Hyperpulse Generator network and all of the JumpShips and DropShips of the Horde Society.  For years, the Messenger Clan has protected the Horde Society from outsiders by stopping and destroying any visiting starships to the worlds of the Triad.    The Messenger Clan is a quiet clan and rarely involves itself in the intrigues and politics of the Grand Quriltay.  The Messenger Clan is similar to Comstar in the InnerSphere, although it appears that the Yellow Clan is their chosen child of destiny.  It was the Naiman Obuk’s almost mythical unifier, The One, that convinced this clan to allow him and the Yellow Clan use of their JumpShips to transport their Horde to the other planets of the Triad to unify the Naiman Obuk.  Ever since, the Messenger Clan has made several choices in favor of the Yellow Clan.  The Messenger Clan fields limited military assets.  These are only deployed to protect their transportation assets or their Hyperpulse Generators.

Kizil Obuk - The Red Clan

The Kizil Obuk, or Red Clan, is the fifth more powerful clan in Horde society.  They are the only clan of the other four clans to have ever fielded a Horde, the Red Horde.  Their power was broken during the Unification War by the Golden Horde.  The turning point of the war on the Red Clan was the siege of Chitor Gha, a massive fortress that even put the Star League’s Castle Brian fortresses to shame in its sheer size and complexity.  The losses of the Red Horde were almost total for they fought on to the bitter end and almost to the man.   Only a few units were spared simply because they were too far away from the final battle.  To this day, only the strong economy of the Kizil Obuk has kept it as a power in the Naiman Obuk.  Its military is considered weaker than that of even the Messenger Clan, although any Red Clan member would fiercely deny it.

 Köke Obuk - Blue Clan

The Köke Obuk, or Blue Clan, is often called the “fisherman’s clan” because they inhabit the waterways and coasts of The Land That Is To Come and fishing is a large staple of their economy.  The Blue Clan fields few military resources and most of these consist of ocean-going vessels.  The Blue Clan actually operates an aircraft carrier of sorts, something not seen since the days when Terra was the only planet humans occupied.  Their airforce is quite strong and the main offensive arm of their military.  The Blue Clan is peaceful and tends to keep to itself for the most part, however.  They own one major city, Köke-kum, or Blue Rock, and usually follow the Yellow Clan in voting matters.


Qaran Obuk – The Black Clan

The Qaran Obuk, or Black Clan, is a dark and mysterious clan.  Their military is mostly infantry based.  The Black Clan is not looked on with high regard and usually avoided for the most part by the other clans.   There are rumors that they maintain dark customs and their shamans have mystical powers that can only be described to the darker side of life.  The Qaran Obuk has some extremely elite Battlemech units that remain small but are very effective.  During the Unification War the warriors of the Qaran Obuk maintained a 12-1 kill ratio against the Yellow Clan.  The things said to have been done to the fallen warriors of the Yellow Clan are so horrific that to this day the Yellow Clan holds a major grudge against the Qaran Obuk.


Mongo Obuk – The Silver Clan

The Mongo Obuk, or Silver Clan, is the clan closest to the Qaran Obuk.  These two clans fought alongside each other in the Unificiation War.  The Mongo Obuk do not practice the dark customs the Qaran Obuk does.   The Mongo Obuk, however, tends to not be as turned off by the customs and have been known to join the Qaran Obuk.  Their military is small and only fields a few Battlemech forces.   Their military is mostly based on infantry with a little armor here and there.  Their armored units proved particularly deadly against the Yellow Clan in the Unification War..